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“Sharon is one of the most exceptional, passionate, and talented leaders I have ever worked with. She has a unique and special ability to build and foster relationships with those she coaches. This allows them to discover their true leadership abilities and to lead at the next level.  It is a pleasure to watch Sharon use her God-given passion and skills to help the Chick-fil-A leaders grow and develop. When I think of the impact she has made on me, my team and the entire organization, all I can say is, ‘WOW’!”


Michael Edmonds, Owner

Annapolis Area Chick-fil-A's


“As the Senior Leader of a thriving congregation, the implementation of vision proves to be most critical.  Knowing the destination and understanding the desired goal is often the lesser of strategic planning.  This is where the BE LED Group with Sharon Sauls became vital for Kingdom Worship Center.  Sharon has the integrity and know-how to connect the dots.  Our ministry, our culture, our vision, our team, our communication, and our purpose have benefitted from the leadership and consulting of the BE LED Group."


Bishop Gregory Dennis, Senior Pastor

Kingdom Worship Center, Towson, MD


"Sharon Sauls is an extremely effective leader in the area of professional Organizational and Leadership Development. I had the privilege of working with Sharon almost 20 years ago, in which she was responsible for building a most successful team, in the delivery of healthcare to very challenging neurologically injured patients. The work of the group that she led, was in many cases, miraculous.  The passion that she exhibits to get individuals to a better place is most evident. She strives to make a positive impact on those that she comes in contact with daily. The fruit of her labor is evident through the growth of those she leads. I think she is an ANGEL!! Allow her to help you grow!!"


Larry Ulvila, Former President

Insurance Solutions, Annapolis, MD


“A knowledgeable, powerful, and passionate teacher and coach, Sharon's expertise and gift in expository teaching and insight are drawn from many years of learned and personal experience in leadership roles. She uniquely guides and engages groups that result in lively interaction and practical implementation of leadership skills.  Sharon will do the work. She will prepare precisely for the needs of the target audience and conduct accurate research that will not only challenge the group with positive outcomes but produce unforgettable ah-ha moments. Sharon facilitated such impactful leadership training at our Annual Conference. Pastors and other leaders continue to consult with her.”


Jean P. Whitfield, Director

Northwest “B” Christian Education, Kinston, NC


"BE LED, under the direction of Sharon Sauls comes highly recommended. Our ministry was due for a much needed makeover, but where to begin and how to execute evaded us. That’s when a colleague introduced me to Sharon Sauls. She was professional, knowledgeable and sensitive to the temperature culture of our organization. Sharon Sauls is an asset to any organization and an ally to every CEO looking to shift, shape and structure your business, organization or religious institute for growth, maximum impact and productivity."


Bishop James E. Nelson, Senior Pastor

Destiny Christian Church, Baltimore, MD

Kayleon Dortch-Elliott

"Throughout my undergraduate and graduate studies, I had the honor of interning as an administrative assistant for Sharon Sauls and BE LED. From back end management and design, to front end assistance, her leadership and guidance shaped me in tremendous ways. As a consultant for BGNP, I am constantly drawing upon the resources, tools, and advice she provided during my internship and continues to offer. She still keeps me accountable, checks in on the status of BGNP, projects expected timelines for business growth, and is a vital part of my team. She walked me through establishing my LLC in 2019 and has been a constant source of support. When I think of inspiration, I think of Sharon Sauls. And once you meet her, I have no doubt that you will too."

Kayleon Dortch-Elliott, Owner

By Grace Not Perfection LLC, Concord, NC


“Sharon Sauls’ leadership development expertise has been one of the most important works in the culture of the Church I pastor. It has caused a culture shift and the leadership teams in our Church have been motivated and stimulated by the truth that Sharon has shared. I’ve seen leaders that were introverts turn around and began to get outside of themselves in order to be a part of the culture shift. Sharon's expertise and passion becomes evident as soon as she enters the room. Her engagement with the audience sets the tone for the powerful words she is about to impart through her speaking. She speaks with a real and relevant truth that has a way of making the audience understand what it takes to be a great leader. She has used biblical principles and scripture references to make her points which makes it even more powerful for Christian leaders. Her development classes have also helped me tremendously. I’m pleased to help introduce this phenomenal woman to the world. She has A LOT to offer."

Elder William F. Hudson, Pastor

St. John FWB Church, Kinston, NC


“Sharon is an outstanding mentor and coach!  She has been outstanding at combining passion, authenticity and heart to effectively provide guidance and direction for my business.  Even with the difference in time zones, she makes herself available. My personal and professional life have flourished under her guidance and I can't thank her enough.”


Joscelyn Washington, Owner

Rapha Physical Therapy, Montclair, CA


"God has blessed Dr. Sharon Sauls to serve some of this country’s brightest influencers through her gifted approach and passionate heart to develop strong and effective leaders including the leaders of The Voice Church! Salvation without servitude is suspect; and I'm not talking religion here! Good leadership will yield savings with resources and with human resources, but without the attitude of a servant, there's a risk of little to no receptivity. Dr. Sauls embodies both the skills and the attitude to make and develop strong leadership...listen to her, you'll thank me later!"


Bishop W. Andrew Best, Senior Pastor

The Voice Church, Laurel, MD


“Personal & professional change can be overwhelming; luckily I met Sharon. Through our conversations, I have gained a world of wisdom, which has allowed me to see new solutions to the oldest of problems. Her level of organization, and care put into each session makes you want to set the bar higher for yourself each time. Her method is intentional and simple, and at the end the journey is WELL WORTH IT! I have never had a stronger mentor/mentee relationship!”


Tim Davis, Mentee

Vice President of Operations


"As a Human Resources Generalist, I have consulted with Sharon Sauls, and she has given me guidance and a blueprint in organizational leadership on how to better communicate and manage my employees. I have found Sharon’s leadership ability second to none! She leads from a place of excellence and ease, and that allows her to use her superior leadership in ways that draw you in, rather than repel.  Sharon uses her leadership expertise, coupled with her genuine love and care for people to inspire, educate and transform.  She's soft-spoken, yet powerful and effective...a leader worthy of those who follow."


Stayce Burston Bynum, Mentee

Human Resources Generalist

Willie Cooper.jpeg

"In my professional opinion, Sharon is a visionary, motivator, and inspirational leader.  She is a rare individual who combines tenacity in business, leadership, and integrity in both good and tough times and has an infectious passion for life.  Her discovery that you can create sustainability and bridge the gaps of those in need by connecting the right people is brilliant. She is an asset to any team that she leads. A true servant leader! No doubt, she can grow your leadership team!"


Willie W. Cooper, Chief Information Officer

Samaritan Ministries, Int'l, Peoria, IL


"I have had the opportunity to have Sharon work with me and my team. The first thing that always stands out is her amazing positive personality. She just lights up a room when she walks in and there is no doubt that this is a special person. My team has gained insight and has definitely become more effective in our leadership styles. She provided practical tips that we applied immediately. I would encourage any leader who needs to work through a challenge to contact Sharon."


Mark Heishman, Former COO

Annapolis Bus Company, Annapolis, MD


"Being led by Sharon was a life changing experience. She helped me cultivate my leadership style while also identifying gaps where growth could occur. She helped me to maximize the potential I didn’t even see in myself. I would highly recommend Sharon to anyone who is looking to pursue leadership greatness!"


Justin Hunt, Mentee

Licensed Real Estate Broker & Licensed GC

Pastor Elijah Collins

New Jerusalem Baptist Church

Lawrenceville, GA

Bishop C. Guy Robinson


Tabernacle of the Lord Church

Baltimore, MD

First Lady Cynthia Clint

Executive Pastor

Bethlehem Family Worship Center

Aurora, CO

Bishop Jeffrey Clint

Senior Pastor

Bethlehem Family Worship Center

Aurora, CO

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