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We believe that leaders set the temperature for optimal organizational performance and should have the ability and capability to lead teams and organizations to the next level.


Our passion and commitment are to help leaders grow by challenging and developing their leadership behaviors to the extent that their influence becomes a positive magnetic force.

"If we grow the leaders, we'll grow the organization." - Sharon


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President of BE LED Group

Dr. Sharon D. Sauls is an entrepreneur, leadership consultant, coach, and keynote speaker who brings a wealth of knowledge on effective leadership. She is widely known for helping organizational leaders identify their "blind spots", align their leadership skills and behaviors, effectively lead others, and grow their teams and organizations. She has served in several key leadership positions at renowned organizations in the healthcare, hospitality, and faith-based industries.

"Iron Sharpens Iron"


Leveraging 25 years of leadership experience, Dr. Sharon has demonstrated an innate ability to develop teams and frameworks for ensuring engagement, promoting organizational unity and consistency, and optimizing operational efficiency which yields exceptional team and guest experiences.

As founder and former CEO of the first African American-owned multisite outpatient neurological rehabilitation company in the United States, she gained "up close and personal" insight into the significance of effective leadership when leading people. Known for visionary thinking and transformational leadership style, Dr. Sharon is committed to fostering a culture of care, empathy, and respect. 

She is the President of The BE LED Group, a multi-disciplinary team providing Consulting (BE LED Consulting) and Training (BE LED Academy) for business owners, leadership teams, and emerging leaders in the public and private sectors, faith-based organizations, nonprofit organizations and government entities. She and her team have influenced many emerging, seasoned, and executive leaders globally.

Dr Sharon has degrees in Public Health, Business Management and Organizational Leadership. She is a Leader BEingLED and continues to refine her leadership skills. She has earned certifications including Executive Coaching, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and Business Coaching. Among the various awards she has received are the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, Black Wall Street Award, and the Ministry of Excellence Award for her leadership, commitment and contributions to developing leaders. Her work has been featured on the Girl Go Global, Faith Fridays and Professional Podcast Network, the US Insider and CEO Weekly newspapers Women of the Rise and Tap-In Magazines, among others.

Sharon is a transformational speaker who has an exceptional ability to captivate, challenge, equip, empower, and develop leaders. She is 100% confident that in order to improve employee and follower engagement, leadership effectiveness, and organizational performance, leaders should take great pride in BEing LED!

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Meet Sharon

About Us

The BE LED Group, LLC is a multi-disciplinary organizational leadership development consulting and training company founded in 2011. We transform leaders, help solve complex organizational problems, improve efficiency, empower teams, and create long-term sustainable improvements.

About Us

Our Clients

Business Owners ~ Faith-Based Leaders ~ Corporate Leaders & Leadership Teams ~ Emerging Leaders

Our Services

The BE LED Group provides leadership consulting, coaching and training for emerging and existing leaders through individual sessions, group sessions, corporate/professional development training workshops, retreats, conferences and/or a series of leadership sessions tailored to your organization. We also lock arms with organizational leaders who desire to implement or enhance leadership development programs. 

Our Services



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Individual and group leadership development sessions challenge, equip, and empower leaders to apply principles and strategies that enhance leadership behaviors and skills that enable them to become high-performing leaders. They will learn principles and receive tools in the areas of Self-Leadership, Leading Others, Leading An Organization, and Leading In An Organization. These sessions may result in the development of Individual Leadership Development Plans.



Training sessions are provided to challenge, equip and empower leadership teams to hone their leadership skills, align their behaviors, and take their leadership effectiveness to the next level. Our consultative approach focuses on helping leaders bring clarity to their organization's vision and, where needed, developing a Leadership Development Program that aligns with that vision. These sessions may result in on-site assessments and/or a customized leadership training series.


“If you want to know the temperature of an organization, put a thermometer in the leader's mouth."

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The BE LED Group social media pages are available for individuals who are interested in developing their leadership skills to more effectively lead and desiring to embrace a more holistic approach to leadership and professional development. 

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